How to Apply for a Tourist Visa to Japan from the Philippines


Learning how something is done, especially when it involves traveling, can sometimes be a roundabout confusing loop. But, if you have a handy guide on the step by step procedure, starting your journey would be one of the most pleasant ones to kick off that adventure you’re planning.

So, here’s a brief guide on how to apply for a tourist visa for a trip in Japan.

First, just a heads up that Filipinos are now eligible to apply for the multiple-entry tourist visas.  So that means one should have their Philippine Passport in mint condition.  Better invest in one of those cute passport holders and have it look immaculate.

tourist visa to japanSecond would be to have a 4.5cm x 4.5cm picture with white background that must be pasted on the application form.  The visa application form can be filled up on the PC and printed to make it look more professional. Request for your birth certificate online from the National Statistics Office (NSO). You just need this once for your first visa as well as your marriage certificate if applicable. Here are useful links: NSO Website. Do refer to useful pages within the site such as the FAQ section, payment instructions, and delivery for more information.

Third step, have a general itinerary of stay.  Here’s a Schedule of Stay sample in Word format. Another document would be a Bank Certificate where you can show that you’re financially capable of supporting yourself for the length of your vacation. Having your Income Tax Return or Form 2316 would also be a good document to have available. You can go to your HR department or make a request through Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Last step would be to have additional proof of vacation and exit from Japan.  This can be an invitation or Certificate of Employment, airline ticket, hotel accommodations, approved leaves, etc. You can now proceed to submit your application to any accredited agency listed by the Embassy of Japan. Check out the link here from the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines website for the list.

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