How to Make Good Luck Charms

how to make good luck charms

Ever had those moments or minutes when you’re just not wanting to watch TV or read a book or just want to get comfy on your bed or your favorite chair or lounge? You just don’t want to do much but tweak something with your hands that wouldn’t belabor it to cook or lift anything.  But just go through the motion of creating something so unique that you can really say you made yourself?  And, to add on that, it’s considered to attract good luck and more chances to make your wish come true?

Here’s how to make good luck charms:

  1. You can start with this link on Coins in the Fountain.  Surely, you’ve already made a wish before, maybe lots of times, as you see a wishing fountain and spot all those coins thrown in by fellow wishers when you peek at the bottom.  Well, you can now make your own and have it as part of your pillow or your get up or even make it a key chain of some sort. It brings wishes closer to coming true, so they say.
  2. Pot of Gold charm, this one would be a cute gift for everyone.  You can make it as chubby as you like or even as tiny as you would want to. They can be part of an entourage of pillows, where you can make a whole range of colorful pillows with this nice big pot of gold at one side or both sides of the rainbow pillows.
  3. Lucky Shamrock can be spread around or given about to friends and family especially during special occasions.  You can have it donned on a hat or even make it into gloves.  Wouldn’t it be quite a good thing to have it emblazon scarves to protect from the cold and make one warm with the thought that luck is definitely on their side?

Enjoy your handmade good luck charm!

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