Hybrid Road Train Made By Filipinos Launched in Manila

The Hybrid Electric Road Train is designed by Filipino engineers and made with locally available parts. It is a 40-meter long system of five interlinked and air conditioned coaches.  The three coaches can accommodate a total of 240 passengers per trip carrying 60 passengers per coach.



The first coach is for the pilot while the last coach holds the fuel and power generation system.  The train can carry an estimated 650,000 people per day.  This train has its own dedicated lane and has provided designated stops that complement the train’s feature.


It uses an ordinary tires instead of steel rails that makes it more cost-effective and energy efficient. It is also equipped with dual braking system.


Montejo, however, said the ERT may have to go through a long and tedious process of testing through a period of two to three years before it can be declared safe for the public.


The alternative mass transport system is part of the advocacy of the multi-agency Bayanihan sa Daan (Road Sharing) Movement which encourages and inspires commuters to lessen their dependence on cars and choose healthier alternatives such as walking, biking and use of an efficient, eco-friendly mass transportation system.


Source: The Pinoy Chronicle-February Issue

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