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au shop at Aeon Mall Aratamabashi!


Our shop will be having a Limited weekend Promo Campaign!  Everyone is most welcome to be part of this wonderful chance to avail the handsets and models you really wished for at a very reasonable and favorable price with discounts and cash backs!

English/Tagalog Interpreter staff is readily available to attend to your needs.

If you have any questions and inquiries kindly drop by to our shop location for more detailed informations regarding Promos, Campaigns or other Contract-related Inquiries.

Since we started also using Facebook, please like our Facebook page by clicking or copy-paste the link below!

On October 24th (Sat), 25 (Sunday)we  will be having the cash back campaign for the limited hottest models in your contract!


Such as GALAXY and IPHONE, No popular models available for purchase when you pay in to transfer from other companies

Please visit us and bring along the whole family in!

IPHONE6 is still available in stock! !


Trade-in phones that are summarized in the family you are using now to  transfer from SoftBank · docomo or other companies,

Can possibly be added to your Cashback to get up to ¥ 140,000! !

Please hurry while stocks Lasts, We are on a first come, first serve basis so get yours now!!!

Of course We will also sell IPHONE6S at a bargain basement price the latest model for thopse of you who only wanted to purchase the unit if you already have an active au line!

Please feel free to contact us at the store or call us for more detailed information.

GALAXY S6edge is also on bargain!

You can get up to ¥ 60,000 cash back having the same conditions as IPHONE agreement! !

We also offer of course the latest model IPHONE6S in stock!

Please feel free to inquire regarding the cash back terms and condition to get the maximum amount.

We also offer other accessories/products for purchasing such as headphones or portable charger If you prefer!

There’s more!!!

The Above-mentioned contents of the details

※ the phone you’re using now can be possible to trade.

※ IPHONE6  in the promo ad campaign is only available at 16Gb. In the case of upgrading to 64Gb · 128Gb there is great possibility that the contents and conditions may change.

※ GALAXY S6edge is in the case of 32Gb. There is the case that the content is changed in the case of 64Gb.

※Cash back will be payed in the form of Gift certificates. You can use these gift certificates on your future purchases at least one month after the date of your transaction.

※ The above amounts will be subject to the two or more of your contract with the family.

We will waiting!!
Our shop is located in :
au shop Aeon Mall Aratamabashi
Address: Yubinbango457-0012
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Minami-ku, Kikusumi 1-7-10 Aeon Mall Aratamabashi 3F
TEL: 052-693-5003 toll-free: 0800-700-0043
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