Why Japan Has The Most Astounding Toilets

Going to the toilet is one of the body’s necessity. Whether inside your household or traveling. Everywhere you go you would be using the comfort room. Who would like to use a filthy toilets in public? Of course, your body demands to feel convenient and that the comfort room will be providing you enough toilet paper.


Japanese toilet is probably the most convenient and hygienic to use. For both travelers and residents, Japanese people make sure to maintain cleanliness with their public toilets. In some cases, you are required to ask permission first before you could use their facility.


Japanese toilets are classified into 3 sorts:

1. Washiki Toire or the Traditional Japanese Toilet

This involves squatting over the urinal. At present, they don’t install this variety of toilet at home anymore. These are mainly used in parks, some destinations and old structures. Some old houses do still have this.

2. Yoshiki Toire or the Western Style Toilet

This toilet is the most commonly found in Japan now a days. Modern residences, destinations, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals etc.

3. Takino-Toire or the Multi-function Toilet

This toilet’s function is to attend people with disabilities who uses wheelchairs and accompany babies for changing diapers. This toilet’s function is to attend people with disabilities who uses wheelchairs and accompany babies for changing diapers. It gives wide space for wheeled walkers and light vehicles for kids. Anyone is allowed to use this toilet, but it prioritize mostly the elders and disabled.

In the specific case of Japan, the toilet, the sink and laundry, and the bathroom are separated. There is a lot of distinction between “clean” and “unclean” areas, which is why you take your shoes off to enter a house. With bathrooms, the toilet is an “unclean” area and the bath is a “clean” area, so you wouldn’t want to have them in the same room. It is very efficient. Also, you don’t have to worry about bothering someone who is taking a bath or shower when you need to use the toilet. It make sense right? Someone can be washing the clothes, taking a bath and using the toilet at the same time.


Japan public toilets provides wide information from signage up to usage in each cubicle. It illustrates the system of flushing especially if it is automatic. It has bidets and wash lets, free use of toilet paper, baby seat, flushing sound in order to drown out the sound of you going about your business, there is a utility that fakes the sound of flushing water and they provide emergency buttons for the disabled.

Japanese people knows how to serve and treat their people and the vacationers well. It is one of the most convenient, efficient and hygienic country in the world.

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