Japan’s Scariest and Largest Haunted House

One of the biggest and scariest haunted houses in the world, it is located in Fuji-Q Highland Amusement park, near the base of Mount Fuji. This Hospital themed Haunted House might be different from any other haunted house you have ever visited, the haunted house is a huge maze and you have to decide your own starting route. The visitors are free to explore any part of the ghost house. The Ghost House designer also prepared many traps and pitfalls to provide you with a more realistic experience of what he coined as “horror harassment.”


The ghost figures and lighting effects are well-designed to create a really scary atmosphere, and many actors with movie-standard makeup and costumes are ready to keep you up all night.


Reputedly, the haunted house attraction history started from a story of a hospital located at the foot of the Mount Fuji. The hospital was very famous, had lots of professional doctors, and great facilities. But one day, the head and staff of the hospital started to take some fresh organs from the patients who’d come for a surgery.


The fresh organs of the patients were inserted into jars of chemical and sold to distant places while the bodies were put in a large wooden crate. In revenge, the victims’ spirits started haunting and killing the doctors. Finally, the entire hospital was abandoned. This is the urban legend that is still being told among people there.


As you go through each room in the maze, whether it be the operating table, waiting rooms or X-ray rooms, you can see clearly the stolen organs in jars of chemical and perhaps encounter the spirits of those who’ve come back for vengeance…


To make the setting all the more realistic, the haunted hospital has prepared some events you wouldn’t expect. However, if you’re expecting something gruesome and bloody like American movies, think again. As the house is catering to a Japanese crowd, you can expect to feel as if you are fighting with your fears. Did someone really whisper, or was that just a figment of your scared-to-death imagination?


You will further realize that this haunted hospital forces you to wrestle with your own fears rather than be a victim of some bloody, heart-pounding action, as you enter the Room of No Escape, one of the more notable attractions. There are literally no doors you can see and thus, no way to get out! If you’re even slightly claustrophobic, maybe it’s better to retire early as you could seriously psyche yourself out wondering how long you will be confined in this dungeon.


With that said, even if you read this article you might think it’s a piece of cake, and that perhaps you can beat the record and escape the house in record time.

But once you experience the darkness of reality that is FujiQ Labyrinth of Fear, you might think twice. In either way, at such a cheap price to get in it’s well worth a try to test your nerve..

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Building:2 stories (one part on the second floor)
Length of time to complete:Approx. 50 min.
Total floor space:Approx. 3000 m² (32391 ft.²)
Distance walked:Approx. 900 m (2952.7 ft.)
Ticket:500 yen


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