Limited Edition of “Kitkat Real Gold covered bars” releases this month!

A pricey kind of KitKat bar is set to debut in Japan, where more than 200 varieties of the chocolate wafer snacks have been available so far.

Gimme a break, Gimme a break, Break me off a piece of that gold-covered Kit Kat Bar!

To celebrate over a million visitors to their eight specialty “Kit Kat chocolatory” stores, Nestlé Japan will be offering “Sublime Gold” Kit Kat, a limited edition Kit Kat thinly covered with real gold leaf layer and said to have a rich, bitter chocolate taste.

They’ll be sold later this month at specialty stores located in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Fukuoka.

KitKat bars first went on sale in Japan in 1973 and over 200 different flavors have been created, including pumpkin pudding, carrot apple pie and cheesecake.

The new golden versions will use the “sublime bitter” flavors for its base, with the gold leaf layer added to each one by hand. The gold won’t alter the taste of the chocolate but will offer a sense of luxury with each bite, a Nestle Japan spokesman said.

Nestle Japan will make 500 of the golden KitKats, each available for ¥2,016 ($16 ). There are no plans to sell the product overseas.

source:  comicbook, portaljapan

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