Kose Cosmetics: Leading Cosmetics Brand in Japan


Kose has been globally popularized with it’s effectiveness and environment friendly beauty products. The company was founded in 1946 by Kozaburo Kobayashi, and still growing to its potential serving all over the world. Their vision of providing a highly competitive line of cosmetics and skin care products had obviously trusted by millions of people.

Approved by the Japanese ministry of commerce, Kose company now have extended their company to different parts of the world. International and local consumers have been searching online for a lasting supply to their skin care regimen. Majority of the Kose consumers embrace the new technology, where they can order Kose online and have it delivered directly to their doors.

Caring for our skin is one essential part of investing for ourselves. Besides healthy foods and nutrients we get from our daily diet, supply the best skin care products for better results.

And when it comes to skin care products, we must look for the high quality brands. Brands that are trusted and received positive reviews. Kose cosmetics is a good example of a high quality brand that ranks and had achieved honest positive reviews. Kose brand is pretty expensive, but the feeling of satisfaction and comfort is greater than the price you’ve paid.

Winter is coming, it’s time to prepare our skin for dryness and skin irritations. Define the texture of your skin, examine what your skin needs to fight the dry and cold season. Remember, everyone has their own skin types. Choose the one that is best for your skin, whether it’s oily, dry, or a combination, Kose beauty products have produced the right skin care for you.

Must Have Kose Skin Products

c-cream-lSekkisei Cleansing Cream

Put a small amount on your palm, massage the cream on your face in a circular motion. You’ll notice all your make up, and foundation soften. Then just grab a soft tissue to wipe out all the cream and rinse with water. Aside from giving your face a good massage, it helps soften your skin leaving it fresh and smooth.


Medicated Sekkisei Whitening Emulsion

Some may use this directly on their face with just patting with their palms. But to achieve an even more amazing effect, use a cotton pads and drop a few of the Sekkisei and gently pat it on your face. This is very gentle on your skin and can even be use under the eye areas as well.


Medicated Sekkisei Cream

For greater result, always finish your routine with a moisturizer. Even if you have an oily skin, it is always advisable to have a moisturizer. Especially on winter days, our skin needs to be hydrated. And Kose medicated Sekkisei cream is your reliable moisturizer without sticky effect on your face. It moisturizes your skin longer and helps prevents breakouts.

There are a lot of other Kose skin products you can try to see what is appropriate for your skin. You can even ask for a sample to test for yourself.

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