7 Nose exercises to get the nose shape that you’re dying for without operation!

Most people consider a sharp nose as a symbol of beauty. It makes you stand out in a crowd and immediately draws attention to your face. Not to forget that women with a sharp nose, as compared to others, can pull off most makeup looks with ease.
A series of nose and facial exercises, when combined together, have been proven to enhance and develop your facial muscles, which, in turn, help give you a much younger and sharper looking face.
Well, for all you lovely ladies desiring for a perfect nose at no cost, here are some exercises that can help you change the shape of your nose.
Nose-Exercises-011. Nose shortener
This nose shape exercise hinders long term deterioration of cartilage within the nose. Push your nose tip with the help of your index finger. Compress the muscles by bending your nose downwards, keeping the finger in place. Perform this daily in sets of 2, 30 times for each set.
article-2014823894015348150002. Nose straightener
To perform this exercise properly, all you need to do is smile and press your nose upwards with the help of the muscles within the nose. This upper squinting of the nose adds more body to the muscles that are on the sides of the nose. Repeating this exercise for 20 to 30 times a day will straighten out your nose. .
3. Nose shaper
The shape of your nose can be altered by exercising the bottom part of the nose. Place your index fingers on either side of the nostrils. Flare the nostrils by working on the muscles surrounding it. This exercise works more like a weightlifting exercise for your nose and prevents it from sagging.
x135217244. Nose wiggling
This exercise helps build the muscle strength within your nose but doesn’t alter your looks much. It involves wiggling your nose from one side to the other without moving any other part of the face.
article-2014823871306259860005. Breathing exercise
Block one nostril and breathe in for four seconds. Now breathe out for eight seconds with the other nostril while blocking the previous one. This works great to give your nose that sculpted look. This is also one of the nose shaping exercises that works great to keep nose in shape.
6. Smile line eliminator
The lines around your nose, commonly known as smile-line get deeper by age, and do not look nice. To get rid of these, try this simple exercise daily. Move the nose bridge muscle upwards. Relax it using both your middle fingers. This will eliminate any lines that form on the bridge of your nose.
massage_0607120527157. Massaging
Gently massage the bridge of your nose using circular motions, daily for five minutes for 3- 4 weeks. This will help give you a narrower and a smaller looking nose.

These self-taught exercises were not easy as compared to the rest of the body parts. All you need to do is practice them regularly and patiently to attain the shape you desire.

(source: youtube, bollywoodshaadis)

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