Philippine Festival 2016 Event Success in Tokyo


PHILIPPINE FESTIVAL 2016: Bringing the Filipino Culture to the Filipinos in Japan

Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino sa Japan!



The Biggest and Most Awaited Filipino event in Japan was held last June 18 ~ June 19 (Saturday and Sunday) in Hibiya Park, Tokyo, Japan. It was raining when the event started, but the show must go on! Everyone who attended felt great to be there and really had a good time. The event provided seats for the guests, yet it was too crowded that some needed to stand at the back and still had the most wonderful time.



Roaming around the booths and savoring each and every food that the event has to offer is the most fun thing to do! Mainly Filipino cuisines and dishes, the famous Kebab, and Indian flavors. Everyone take their own seats and enjoyed every bite and cherished every moment.



Souvenirs were also available and comes with so much varieties. Bringing home a souvenir or “pasalubong” is part of the Filipino tradition and culture. This way, they can bring home to the ones they have left home the destination they have been to and making them feel that they are part of their travel too.


ABS-CBN talents and celebrities Vina Morales, Christian Bautista, Ogie Alcasid, Michael Pangilinan, Regina and Ate Gay stunned the guests with their amazing performances on stage!


“Relatively, in expression of continued support to the peaceful and productive relationship between the Philippines and Japan, two exceptional Wadaiko groups shared their skills and passion in playing Japanese percussion instrument, the various Japanese drums called Wadaiko. These groups are the Iruma Shubu Wadaiko Group and Bright One Music Wadaiko Group.


Moreover, adding cheer and enjoyment to the festival performances of celebrity guest artists from the Philippines court of he major sponsors for the two-day festival celebration.


With the objective of conserving and upholding awareness of valued Philippine cultural heritage, no wonder, the Philippine Festival in Tokyo Japan is being regarded as the biggest and much-awaited Filipino event!”


-Philipine Festival 2016 Edition


This events purpose is to bring the Filipino culture to their people in Japan to commemorate and celebrate the Filipino art and culture. At the end of the day, everybody unites as one, holding on the pride as a Filipino in their hearts.


This is another successful event for Filipinos in Japan with astounding and huge performances from our fellow Filipinos. Coming back home with an ecstatic, satisfied,  proud and happy soul! Mabuhay mga kababayan!



The Video:


Closing the event with a smile while helping each other to clean the trashes in the whole area.

Photo Credits: Milton Murunaga




DAY 1: 6/18 (Saturday)


10:00~10:30 – Opening ceremony

10:30~10:50 – Bright One Music Wadaiko

10:50~11:40 – CULTURAL: Festival Street Dance Contest

11:40~11:45 – Star Kids Fun Dance Group

11:45~12:30 – Philippine Festival King Contest by Reina Ogishima

12:30~12:35 – Michelle Fuchigami – 2015 KalurkyLike Winner

12:35~13:15 – CELEBRITY KALURKY LIKE Contest

13:15~13:30 – Western Union

13:30~14:30 – Philippine Festival Queen Contest (Serenade by Nino Uno Tuazon)

14:30~14:45 – Philippine Airlines (PAL)

14:45~15:00 – Western Union

15:00~15:30 – Smart World

15:30~16:00 – Guest Artists


DAY 2: 6/19 (Sunday)


9:35~9:50 – Abraenian Association in Japan – 2015 Street Dance Champion

9:50~9:55 – Star Kid Fun Dance Group

9:55~10:10 – Iruma Shubu Wadaiko

10:10~10:25 – 2016 Kalurky-Like Winners

10:25~10:40 – 2016 Street Dance 3rd Prize

10:40~11:40 – 2016 SANTA CRUZAN

11:40~11:55 – 2016 Street Dance 2nd Prize

11:55~12:10 – 2016 Street Dance Champion

12:10~13:10 – KARAOKE-KAN Battle Contest

13:10~13:25 – Abraenian Association in Japan – 2015 Street Dance Champion

13:25~13:40 – Iruma Shubu Wadaiko

13:40~14:00 – Western Union

14:00~14:15 – Rain

14:15~14:30 – Philippine Airlines (PAL)

14:30~14:45 – Ivan Panesa

14:45~15:00 – Western Union

15:00~15:30 – Smart World

15:30~16:00 – Guest Artists






“Mula sa bumubuo ng Philippine Festival Organizing Committee, taos puso po kaming nagpapasalamat sa mga nakisaya sa ating festival.

Hanggang sa susunod na taon!

Maraming maraming salamat po!”

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