Pinoy Population in Japan

Japan’s foreign population hitting a record high
The government announces the acceptance of more foreign workers

◆ The latest population of foreign residents in Japan based on the resident registration (as of January 1, 2018, and demographic changes for the year 2017) reached an all-time high according to an announcement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in July 2018.
◆ Looking at population by region, a growing number of foreign residents live primarily in large metropolitan areas, with the breakdown of these foreign residents showing a significant increase in permanent residents with few employment restrictions in addition to technical intern trainees and students.

◆ The government announced that it will expand the acceptance of foreign workers. If annual growth of the foreign population reaches 250,000, a figure slightly larger than the current level, Japan’s overall population decline will ease, making it possible to achieve the government’s target of maintaining the total population at 100 million in 2060.

By: Jhoanne Okada

Pinoy Population in Japan
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