Popular Japanese-Filipino Stars in Japan

Japanese-Filipino stars

Filipinos are oozing with talent. Some have already made names worldwide.  In Japan, celebrities with Filipino blood share spotlight with full-blooded Japanese.

Maryjun Takahashi

GH.blog reveals a number of Japanese-Filipino stars. Among them is Maryjun Takahashi, an actress and a fashion model born to a Japanese father and Filipino mother. She was seen in different television commercials and made appearances in various magazines (CanCam and Classy), TV dramas, and films including one of the sequels to the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie version shown worldwide.

Megumi Nakajima

Another Japanese star with Filipino lineage who made waves in Japan is Megumi Nakajima, a singer and a voice actress. She was the voice behind “Ranka Lee” (Macross Frontier) and “Miku” (The Strongest Akikan). Her first single, “Tenshi ni Naritai” came out in 2009. Two months after, her second single “Nostalgia” was released.

Japanese-Filipino stars

credit: tokyogirlsupdate.com

Sakaya Akimoto

Sakaya Akimoto was the Philippine tourism’s Goodwill Ambassador before she became known in Japan. She is a model, singer, actress, dancer, and television host. She was a member of AKB48, a Japanese idol girl group. She was the captain of Team K. In April 2013, she announced her graduation from AKB48 so she can concentrate on acting. She first appeared in the film “Densen Uta” in 2007. Her latest (2015) movies include “Mango to Akai Kurumaisu” and “Galaxy Turnpike.”

Alan Shirahama

Alan Shirahama, Prezi.com writes, tried out at the Exile Theater Company and was accepted as a new member in April 2010. A year later, he made an exit to form Generations, an all-male dance group.

Emi Watanabe

There are also a lot of Japanese-Filipino personalities who were successful in the field of sports. One of them is Emi Watanabe, who won eight straight Japanese championships and bagged the first-ever medal (bronze) for the World Championship in ladies’ singles for Japan, was born to Japanese father and Filipino mother.

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