Popular Japanese Snacks and Favorite Filipino Ones from Childhood

popular japanese snacks

Childhood. Yes, the memories of childhood snacks can be overwhelmingly delightful. Especially to us kids who have grown even younger throughout the years. So why don’t you treat yourself to some of these unbelievably cute, queer and yummy snack foods that Japan and the Philippines and the world has grown to love as their own?

Happy Kitchen Cheeseburger

The top pick for popular Japanese snacks is the Happy Kitchen Cheeseburger. These are super tiny mini meals created with super tiny kits that you just add water to some gelatin flavored powder and mix them up in teeny tiny bowls and tools. They even come with the molds to have them in perfect shapes. Sometimes, it even comes with a teeny, tiny glass of soda to top off the meal.

KitKat Flavors

Second, and one of most popular are KitKats that come in the most unusual flavors like green tea, soybean, blueberry cheesecake and grilled potato. If you’re ready for an adventure, you can try the wasabi version.

Moko Moko Mokolet or Toilet Candy

Coming in still at the top is the Moko Moko Mokolet, also known as Toilet Candy. You’ll be building a plastic toilet then fill it with fizzy candy liquid – drinking this out of the toilet bowl. Odd, but delightful.


Who won’t be excited to try out Kanikko, these are candied baby crabs that are sweet, salty and amazingly yummy you won’t notice what it’s made of until you stare it before each delicious bite.

Philippines: Snacku, Golden Sweet Corn, and Rin-bee

Coming from the Philippines are seemingly Japanese inspired names as well. For example, Snacku, vegetable-flavored snack that’s most addictive you’d wish vegetables tasted like it as well.

Who wouldn’t like Golden Sweet Corn, being such a crunchy, sweet corn-flavored snack, it’s perfect with that Sarsi soda we all love. Coming in also as one of the most favorites is Rin-bee, perfectly tiny bite-sized crunchy cheese sticks that you won’t be able to stop munching on while watching TV or just spending time reading a good book.

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