Popular Pets in Japan

popular pets in Japan

Who in the world has never had a pet before? Even if it’s that fashionable pet stone decades ago, or a pet plant – still, that innate part being human – that ability and need to give some tender love and affection is both a stress relief as well as a source of joy and inspiration.

Top Ten Pets at Japan

That leads us to wonder what are the most popular pets in Japan. According to a popular website that conducts surveys in Japan (, the top ten pets, from the bottom to the top are the following from the tenth place to the top:

  • At tenth place are insects
  • Ninth are rabbits
  • Eighth turn out to be hamsters
  • Seventh are other fish
  • Sixth are birds
  • Fifth, tortoises or turtles
  • Fourth are tropical fish
  • Coldfish or Koi carp run in at third
  • The second are Cats
  • The most popular are Dogs

Makes you think how diverse the pets are and how mighty complicated it might be to have a pet shop that would cover all the needs of every pet owner. Smile.  This just shows how compassionate people are when it comes to finding a pet that they could share some more love or have as company.

Top Ten Reasons to have a Pet

But if you wonder what the top ten reasons are to have a pet, here is the list:

  • At tenth, people consider it as part of their lifestyle, it’s part of their environment.
  • Next would be to help fix a problem, like get some exercise.
  • The top eighth reason is for useful crime prevention.
  • Seventh is to feel gratefulness.
  • The sixth is quite interesting, which is to help in the upbringing of one’s kids.
  • Fifth is not to be lonely and have some company.
  • Fourth came is as to have the home become brighter, become happier.
  • Third is to have a constant topic to talk about and care about as a family.
  • Second ranks is as to have things more fun.
  • The top reason is for Healing.

So, let’s get our own pet, right now!

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