The Secret Behind the Ageless Beauty of Japanese Women

ageless beauty of japanese women
ageless beauty japanese women

credit: 45 years old Masako Mizutani (right) with daughter (left)

Ever wondered what’s the secret behind the ageless beauty of Japanese women? Most of them look stunning and young despite their ages because of their daily routine and habits. Read on to find out as we reveal some of the secrets you can actually follow.

Balanced Diet and Healthy Food Intake

Most ageless Japanese women eat a balanced diet and follow a healthy food intake regimen to keep their stunning look. They find all kinds of vegetable dishes with rice, with miso soup, with sushi, or as pickled snacks indulging to eat. Most also prefer to eat raw and cooked vegetables for their skin and healthy diet rather than relying on expensive vitamins and supplements. Other than as a beauty routine, feasting on vegetables everyday will help them prevent diseases too.

Naomi Moriyama, a popular personality who doesn’t seem to age, describes in her book called Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat, a diet style consisting of a small plate of fish oil, rice, fruits and vegetables only. The Japanese also love to drink green tea instead of fruit juice and soda for snacks or for every meal because they believe that it helps to slow the aging process.

Apply Sunscreen Daily

Japanese women (and even men too) always apply sunscreen as one of their daily habits and beauty secrets. They can be seen using umbrella when the sunlight is bright to prevent dark skins and blemishes. According to Yuko Hoshino, a skin specialist from Shiseido, as early as a baby’s birth in Japan, mothers begin applying sunscreen for their babies to avoid blemishes when they grow up. Using sunscreen everyday will also prevent wrinkles and dark spots that are caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Moisturized Skin

Japanese women are very religious when applying skin moisturizer to keep their skin healthy and moisturized all the time.  Most of them use various kinds of moisturizers depending on skin types or locations.

These are just some of the secrets behind the ageless beauty of Japanese women. It’s not really a secret now, is it?

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