JOB Opportunities!

Qualification and experience are preferential


JOB1: Inspection Work for Plastic Products in Ama-shi
Salary: ¥1,200 / HR ~ ¥1,800 /HR

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■Job description:
Small plastic parts are produced from a machine that manufactures plastic parts.
This job is to inspect them.

The products come out of the machine and are inspected by your eye.
No complicated inspection tools are used.

The workplace is clean and quiet. There is no odor.
Products are not heavy. Work is done standing up.
Foreigners are also working.

■Location: Ama-shi, Aichi-ken

■Access: 18min walk from Meitetsu Kida(木田) Station.
You may need a car or bike to commute!

■Time: 3:30pm – 0:30am (1h break, 8h actual work)
Overtime work available
If you work overtime, hourly wage will be 1800yen/hour! So you can earn more!

■Holiday: Saturdays and Sundays (according to company calendar)
Occasional Saturday work.

■Japanese: Conversational level

★Dormitory available! We welcome those moving from Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures.
★Advance payment of salary OK!

JOB2:Forklift Driver in Niwa-gun, Ooguchi-cho
Salary: ¥ 1,500/HR~ \1,875/HR

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■Job: Driving forklift to transport foods and industrial goods
■Location: Aichi-ken, Niwa-gun, Ooguchi-cho (Near Komaki)

■Time: You can choose from below
7:00~16:00 or
*There is about 1~2 hours overtime per day.

■Japanese: Conversation level
■Holiday: Sundays, Public holidays

You need a forklift driving license and experience.
★You can commute by car or bike.
★There’s plenty of work in the logistics industry!
★If you introduce your friends to our company after you join, you will receive a bonus.


Salary: ¥1,140 / HR ~

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■Job: 【Simple! Fun!】Processing Sweets in a line at a big factory.
■Location: Kanie-cho, Aichi
1. 6:00~15:00
2. 9:00~18:00

■Holiday: 2 days/ week
■Nearest Station: 20min walk from JR Kanie Station

★Japanese: beginners are welcome.
★Foreign nationals are active!
Many Filipino and Brazilian speakers are working here!
★Car/bike commute OK
★If you introduce your friends to our company after you join, you will receive a bonus.



Please feel free to call or message us for any questions
Te​l: 090-6583-8883????Okayama

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