Same Sex Marriage in Japan Part 2

same sex marriage in japan

Same sex marriage in Japan became more acceptable when a legal marriage certificate was issued to Koyuki Higashi and Hiroku Matsuhara. The most memorable ceremony was held at the Shibuya ward office. When they appeared before hundreds of media, they were very much delighted to the point that they can no longer contain what they felt after so many years of waiting to become one as a married couple. Higashi is a famous Japanese model, a television personality and an LGBT activist who was suddenly smitten by Matsuhara, also a fellow LGBT advocate. The issuance of their marriage lasted for only 20 minutes. Higashi said that she cried after the most priceless document was handed down to them.


How to Apply for a Same Sex Marriage Certificate

If you are experiencing the same situation, here are things you must do to apply for a same sex marriage certificate. First and foremost, both applicants must be both 20 of years and above.  Second, they must honestly fill out the corresponding application form which contains a lawful and sincere vow that they will protect one another and the said couple will live with each other filled with trust and love.

Just like any other document, the valid and authenticated certificate of same sex marriage in Japan has an official stamp. As far as its legal acknowledgment is to be regarded, it is very unfortunate that it is not acceptable in businesses, hospitals, landlords and other legal entities that have been prescribed by Japanese laws. Also, this type of certificate can only be availed by residents in two of Tokyo’s resident wards. On the contrary, there were reports which mention that the validity of this document is now accepted for co-tenancy agreements as well as other activities of both partners are concerned.


Meanwhile, Japan’s Shibuya District is doing anything at its disposal for the sake of a non-complicated same sex in the “Land of the Rising Sun.” They had passed an ordinance with respect to the legalization of the said union. The measure on same sex marriage certificate was proposed by Toshitake Kohuwara. At the moment, Japanese authorities do not ascribe it as marriage license and it has limited advantages according to another gay rights activist.

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