Signs You Are At A Filipino Party

You may want it to be infused with the culture of the Philippines. Filipino parties can be a ton of fun, even if you have no Filipino blood in you. This country has great music, food, entertainment, and more!

Wanna know if you are in a Filipino party? Here are some truths about Filipinos way of FUN!

#1. Everyone is late. VERY LATE!

#2.  Shoes are left outside the front door. Or anywhere outside the house.

#3. You’re greeted with a hug from everyone. LITERALLY EVERYONE!

#4. Tons of FOOD! Such as cut up hot dogs in spaghetti, lechon and of course, lots of lumpia!

#5. The television is playing a basketball game, a Pacquiao fight or sometimes footage from past parties.

#6. Magic Mic bursts out, a karaoke machine!

#7. Everyone is invited!


#9. You leave the party with 3 F’s: FUN, FULL STOMACH and FAMILY!


Source: Buzzfeed

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