Surprising Things Clear Polish Do


Besides using clear nail polish for top coats here are some ideas and tricks on where else you can effectively use this magical item.


Seals Envelopes

The most effective way to secure your envelopes and waterproof labels.


Fix Screens

Mend small holes on  your window screens.


Tighten Screws

Tightens loose screws by brushing on the screw threads.


Fix Torn Pages on Books or Notes

Instead of using tapes, use nail polish to paste back ripped pages of a book.


Adhesive Alternative

It is a simple sealant or varnish for small objects and  it can act as glue.


Smudge Proof Labels

Prevent ink from running on your labels.  Coat the labels that identifies different things with nail polish.


Thread Needle

It can be really hard trying to thread a needle.  A quick fix for this is dipping the end of your thread in a small amount of nail polish for easy thread-ability.


Unravel Laces and Ropes

You may have heard that burning the ends of cut rope prevent it from fraying.  Just coat the ends of your shoe laces or rope with clear nail polish to prevent any fraying.


Rust-proof Metals

Apply clear nail polish to metals that are vulnerable to rusting. (Ex.: in bathroom or outdoors)


These are just some tricks that you can do for your small home repairs which can help you big time. Discover more of some smart tricks for your home repairs!


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