The Perfect Winter Make-Up

Winter is the best season to put up dark colors. It is the best time of the year to showcase your creativity when it comes to wearing your make up. But never forget to contrast, always mix light colors with dark colors. The colors you must be using should define your look as rich, strong, cool, sharp and icy.


Here are some colors that you could use:

Royal purple, Royal blue, Fuchsia, Bright red, Maroon, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Burgundy
The best neutrals are Black, Grey and Navy Blue.


The Perfect Lipstick

The winter lipstick is all about Nude colors. Always pair smoky eyes with nude lipstick that is near to your natural skin tone.

1. Wear natural lip gloss
2. For Pinks – Fuchsia or Mulberry or Pink Sorbet or Raspberry
3. Combine Burgundy with the natural lip gloss.
4. For Reds – Cranberry or Cherry.


The Perfect Blush

If your color is light to medium, the best to wear is lightest pink.
If your color is medium, the best to wear is salmon, rose pink or peach
If your color is medium to dark, the best to wear is salmon or darker pinks

The Perfect Eyes

Always use dark colors such as Graphite, Black, or Forest for eyeliners.
Base shadow – Silver, Sky, Pearl, or Sand
And for colors – Smoke, Blue or Lilac

The Perfect Foundation

Always use moisturizing cream before applying your make-up during this season. To avoid dryness and chops.

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