Things Japanese People Do Better Than Others

Japanese people are doing a ton of things a lot better than the rest of the world. From technology to comic books, here are the 10 things Japanese people do better than the rest of the world.



Japanese people, are renowned for; video games. The first ever video games were pioneered in Japan and this country definitely set a precedent for things to come. In fact, Japanese video game manufacturers dominated the industry for years to come. Take a look at Sony, for example, who released the Playstation 4 last year. The best video game companies of all time are based in Japan, from the retro Nintendo and Sega to the much loved Sony and Square Enix. They have the experience, the knowledge, the creativity, and the technology to make the best games in the world. There is no denying that Japanese people make the world’s best video games and we doubt that is going to change at any point soon.



Everywhere you look you will find plenty of vending machines to satisfy your thirst or hunger. Every single beverage in Japanese vending machines is packed into a can, from the biggest selection of teas and coffees you’ll ever see in your life all the way through to beer and fruit juice. If you’re feeling more puckish than hungry you can even get canned jelly, canned bread, and canned stew. Some vending machines even have little games and lotteries running, to entice people to buy more. Get the right number after making your selection and you’ll win yourself a free drink.



Although some countries around the world have produced some awesome cartoon series and comic books, nothing compares to what the people of Japan release on an almost daily basis. All of the greatest cartoons and comics have come from Japan, including Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Fist of the North Star. Even if Japanese animation isn’t exactly your thing there is no denying that it has the biggest fan base around the world. People go to conventions purely to meet the creators of the comics and the characters from the cartoons. It is a billion dollar industry and one that appeals to children and adults alike. Japanese people are more than proud of their Anime and Manga.



The Japanese people may have a few quibbles about their transport infrastructure but those who visit Japan from around the world think it is one of the best. As Japan is an island nation you can catch a boat to pretty much anywhere, which we think is an awesome form of public transport. If you’re the kind of person that gets sea sick easily then you’ll probably be looking at other ways of getting around the country. How about the fastest train service in the world? The Japanese bullet train will get you where you need to be in less time than it would take you to fly to most parts of your own country. If you include all of that waiting around for baggage and security. Japanese people can also boast the most frequent, cleanest and most comfortable public transport that the world has ever seen. It’s no wonder Japanese people are always so punctual when they have public transport that’s never late and runs faster than any other transport infrastructure in the world. It does mean you can’t use the “my train was delayed” excuse when you get into work late.



Japanese people are some of the most punctual in the world. In fact, being late is as rude as slapping someone in the face in Japan. It is considered common courtesy to turn up 10 minutes early to any kind of appointment, from seeing the doctor to an important business meeting. The people of Japan take their punctuality so seriously. Some people think that being this regimented is dull, but for the people of Japan it is simply a way of life. We think there is nothing wrong in being punctual; it is polite.



Japan has some of the most awesome space-age toilets that the world has ever seen. Features such as heated seats, spray functions which can allow pressure, direction and heat to be adjusted, an ambient noise function to mask any embarrassing plops, automatic opening lids, and a whole host of flush options. Japanese people are so proud of their toilets that they even have a toilet themed restaurant. Here you can eat that world-class Japanese food from toilet bowls and bidets, before rinsing your fingers in a mini urinal. It may sound completely bizarre, but the people of Japan obviously have a thing about bathrooms.



Japanese people know how to do their technology properly; it’s the reason their economy is as strong as it is. There’s the CD player, the portable CD player, the pocket calculator, the digital camera, the VHS recorder, Blu-Rays, flash memory, and of course the bullet train. Now, Japan are working on robots and getting everything right. They have already come on leaps and bounds in robotic engineering, with the robotic exoskeleton for motion support being. The dancing ASIMO robot by Honda. It won’t be long before Japan finally crack this whole technology thing completely and the world turns into a much safer version of iRobot. As long as they don’t give them too much artificial intelligence or create an evil superpower hell bent on taking over the world, then we don’t think there’s anything wrong with building robots.




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