fruit toilet paper

If you could think of the similarities of fruits and toilet Paper in Japan, What would that be? I hope you dont think of the answer — ‘both are used in the bathroom’.

Little do we know that its not only the basket of beautifully arranged fruits that is being given to our loved or special ones as a token of appreciation or a gift but also TOILET PAPERS! While fruit is more expensive, toilet paper can easily be gifted to customers as a symbol of appreciation. After all, the word fuku has 2 meanings: happiness (福) and to wipe (拭く).

Rolling up these two into the ultimate gift of happiness is designer Kazuaki Kawahara. That is where he drawn an idea of why not make something out of these common toilet papers to be more special and unique.

See below the picture of how his designs actually looks like.

fruit toilet paper

Late last year Kawahara designed Fruits Toilet Paper specifically thinking about all the companies and stores who “gives a roll of toilet paper to customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation.”He wanted to create something that would “wow customers with its cute style,” says the Kawahara, whose design firm Latona Marketing specializes in branding and packaging design.

And just last month the toilet paper, which includes kiwi, strawberry, watermelon and orange, won a 2015 pentaward for its creativity. Although many of the designs are currently out of stock, the 4-piece set retails for 1,500 yen. While normally toilet papers will cost you less than 500yen in the market.