Top Perfume Brands Pinays Like

perfume brands pinays like


Filipinas definitely love to wear scents which linger; that are not too powerful nor invading.  They share that common thread of being subtle, alluring and interesting in a refreshing way; so goes the blogs that feature survey and such. Filipinas also consider how flexible the scents are – that they can wear them for any occasion or even if on a daily basis.  Certainly, these perfumes stood out as the favorites because they have proven to take women on that journey in a very good way.  So these are the top brands of perfume that are commonly found favored by Filipina women.

Gucci Première Eau de Toilette

perfume brands Pinays like

Although the scent can at first worn a tad powerful, as the notes of the perfume play with one’s own scent and dance through the day, this is considered the lightest and subtlest scents to wear. It is a mix of oranges, freesia and jasmine flowers.

Modern Muse by Estee Lauder

perfume brands Pinays like

Known or having powdery light scents, Estee Lauder struck the right combination of jasmine, tuberose, fresh lilies, and honeysuckle. The first notes give an impression of a veritable flower garden and later on, while it combines with one’s own scent and dries off, it becomes a woody, musky scent with a hint of vanilla.

Grean Tea Yuzu by Elizabeth Arden

perfume brands Pinays like

Considered one of the most “appetizing” scents around, the lucky Filipina who wears it would exude the smell of oranges, lemon, green tea, and yes, spearmint.  Its zesty and refreshing scent reminds you of happy events and nostalgia.

Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba Eau De Toilette


This is a fresh and sexy scent that the versatile Filipina can wear day or night. It features the bright and zesty scent of oranges, passion flower, and cocoa beans. Imagine the interplay of such scents can carry one’s confidence in any situation. I’m personally wearing Bvlgari Omnia perfumes but different scents (Amethyste and Crystalline). There are numerous scents for this brand.

So there you have it, the top perfume brands Pinays like!

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