Trip to a ¥ 100 Store: Best for Quality, Variety and Uniqueness

The ¥ 100 shops offer the best quality at a reasonable price, generates a wow factor to consumers and presents fresh new ideas that can’t be found anywhere else.


The ¥ 100 shops are a good choice for those who are looking to get goods at reasonable prices. In these stores, every product from stationary, house ware to food that is sold precisely at ¥ 100. One of the famous and largest companies specializing in ¥ 100 stores is Daiso, with stores located throughout the country. The current Japanese sales tax of 8% is also added, making a 100-yen purchase actually cost ¥ 108.



As of July 2009, the chain store operates more than 2,570 stores nationwide, as well as 510 stores in other countries, including USA, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, the Middle East and many other areas. It has a track record of opening an average of 20 new stores per month. Today, these shops are still growing massively around the world. Every country as you name it already has their own versions of these type of store. Central Tokyo’s largest ¥ 100 store is the Daiso in Harajuku Station. Japan’s largest ¥ 100 store is the Daiso Giga Machida. It occupies five doors in front of Machida Station (30 minutes from Shinjuku Station by Odakyu Railways).


Besides Daiso, there is the popular “Can Do” network, Seria, “Lawson Store ¥ 100”,  which sells mainly ¥ 100- food items, and “Shop 99” which sells ¥ 99 items on the market.


Most products are for practical use and come in variety of colors; tourists can find their souvenirs and also daily products there.


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