How To Use Hangers Accordingly

“Always treat your closet like a storefront clothing shop, once this mindset becomes embedded in your head, your closet cleaning habits will come to you naturally.”




We often hang clothes and use different types of hangers in our closets without knowing the purpose and usage of it. These items are necessary in maintaining order in your closet. Of course, not everything you wear should be hanged and lined up. You must be able to choose the right clothing pieces that looks good when hanged up such as dresses, coats, jackets and tops with delicate fabrics.


Don’t you think it’s nice to see your closet so organized?

When one’s closet is arranged and coordinated properly, no matter how much stuff you have in there, the less noise it will make.


For starters, let us know the proper usage of each type of hangers.






Wood hangers are used for suits, jackets, and coats in order to maintain its shape. Button down shirts can also be included in this category.




We all have these type of hanger at home. We often use it the most. Plastic hangers are mostly used for button down shirts, and blouses.



Padded one’s are great for delicate fabrics, gowns and cocktail dresses.



Kids Flocked Hangers

Velvet hangers are also called “Non-slip hangers”. This type of hanger is always in favor with your tank tops.


Commonly known as the “Pants hanger”. You can hang at least 3 pairs of pants in a single hanger. This one is valuable when you want to save space in your closet. Towels and scarves are also included in this category.



Clip hangers are best for skirts, shorts and trousers. It is not relevant to have numerous clip hangers in your closet. But try to acquire at least one or couple for your skirts. Scarves can also be included in this category.



Hangers are great help in maintaining an organized nature in your closet. It will help your closet to look neat and properly cared. It will make you easily spot the clothes you’re going to wear specially the formal ones. This technique will also help you to maximize your closet space.



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