Osaka – the Greatest Food City in Japan

Food City in Japan

The magnificent culinary excellence of Japan continues to delight millions of Japanese worldwide. It’s perfect for people who love to satisfy their gastronomic senses and cravings because of the abounding mixtures of different cultures and ingredients that make Japan’s cuisines even more palatable and thrilling to eat and to visually imagine them while taking a bite.

Osaka has dominated the invigorating world of culinary prowess, according to a famous blogger whose name is Michael Booth.  He says that “Osaka is fit to burst.” There are several reasons kung bakit niya sinasabi yun sa kanyang tanyag na blog sa “The Guardian.” Ito ang ilan sa mga dahilan:

Osaka dearly possesses lots of  amazing places to eat, mula sa malalaki at malliliit na food basements, food halls, to small and exclusive low-key restaurants. Isa na rito ang Dohtonbori na na-feature na natin sa isang post. See Dohtonbori Japan and Philippines: Exquisite Japanese Restaurant Conquers Asia.

Bilang pagtitiyak, ito ang sinabi ni  Booth.

“This is a city entirely at ease with its culinary identity but open to foreign influences – in this case, largely Korean – with several unique dishes and a population possessed of an admirable gluttony for life.”

Likewise, he emphasized that there are variations in terms of food selections that are indeed easy to find. Halimbawa ng mga ito ay: Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki and even the equally tempting Octopus Doughnuts. Best of all, this is home to the “Best Cooking School in Japan” which is no other than but the Tsuji Culinary Institute.

Antabayanan po natin ang ikalawang yugto ng series na ito tungkol sa Osaka, ang food city ng Japan.

image credit: Sasha Johnston / Flickr

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