What to Watch to Learn about Japanese-Filipino Culture (Part 1)

japanese-filipino culture

Without a doubt, the culture of Japan and the Philippines were intertwined a long time ago. Through thick and thin, these cultures have always interacted and balanced each other to complement the similarities and differences in a very good way.

The Internet has shown this even much more vividly than we can grasp. It all starts with food, followed by the language, and then strongly in the medium of anime, manga and movies.  There are also annual festivals which are carried out by each other’s embassies.  These are rich resources of information and first-hand experience on how both cultures thrive in each other’s company.  You can always keep up to date by exploring the following networks and their shows as well.

If you want to learn more about the two cultures and how they interact, simply check out related television shows if you have them available at your country or you can just Google them up and find where you can view such shows.  You may also try experimenting on YouTube to further have more ideas about it.

Japanese Culture

On Japanese culture, you can check the network NHK World which provides the latest news and also very educational documentaries that span and include information on Filipino and Japanese relations. They have been recognized as a resolute medium to promote Japan throughout the globe.  Do watch movies of Hayao Miyazaki to learn more about Japan’s culture as well.

Philippine Culture

On Philippine culture, you can always watch the noontime shows that are around, especially Eat Bulaga on GMA network. The latter is also known for documentaries that portray the truth in a balanced way. Another rival channel would be ABS-CBN which produce movies and TV series which have garnered awards and acknowledgement for its quality.

Have a great time exploring and viewing as much as you can.  Don’t forget to get a taste of the food and get some Japanese or Filipino snacks to munch on as you watch and enjoy.

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