Why is Adult Coloring Book Good For You

12516834_1671152009839384_1273004223_ofirst batch of my adult coloring collection


I love coloring ever since I was a kid. It is my favorite past time. It makes my mind quiet and peaceful. It was the perfect interest that I truly enjoy when I’m alone. I have that great peace and a sense of calm as I sat and quietly filled in the empty space between the lines that I can’t even explain why. This simple activity became an outlet. Even before coloring wasn’t much of a thing for adults. But then this 2015 Adult coloring books became a trend to everybody.  A few weeks ago, I bought my very first own adult coloring books and fistful of colored pencils. I started coloring again. It was a perfect moment that I realized I was meditating. So how was it possible?


The first thing you should set in your mind is that coloring isn’t just for kids. Believe it or not, it can actually help adults to combat stress. Adult coloring books are a big trend right now. It’s soothing, relaxing, and mindful. Coloring helps spark your inner creativity and the end result is art. There are no grades or judgment here. It was said that Adult coloring books are  the new therapy and anti-stress activity. Why bother thinking about extra activities that cost so much of your money and energy. When you can sit at home just coloring in a paper?  You can now enjoy different designs and style by category. You can buy it online and in bookstores.


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