Health Benefits Of Onsen

Onsen is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs. As a volcanically active country, Japan has thousands of public baths scattered along its length and breadth. It was traditionally used as pubic bathing places and today play a central role in directing Japanese domestic tourism.


Japanese greatly believes in its water because of its known healing powers depending on its mineral properties and content. The Onsen would often provide various types of baths with different kinds of mineral properties and content. According to studies, it can help recover people from certain surgeries and prevents diseases including rheumatism, neuralgia, hypertension and other skin diseases.


Onsen accelerates metabolism and makes your skin smooth. The water pressure depending on its level can be beneficial and can effectively massage your body muscles. It helps in relieving stress and muscle pain from your body. It makes you to relax by rehabilitating your mental and physical state.


People go to this places to relax both their mind and body and have extraordinary experiences. Japanese people often compare that good feeling to “being in the Heaven”. Deep inner warmth and relaxation. Pain relief and smooth skin. It marks an immediate impression on visitors in Japan, but it’s the experience itself that endures.


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