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Aichi: Event at au shop Kusama

Event at Au shop Kusama Branch,

August 11 and 12

Change carrier cash back max



Do not miss the event of AU Kusama, if you are using docomo, softbank or other carrier you can get max of 50.000 yen cashback if you change to AU. Family cashback for 2 units will receive ¥100.000.

By introducing a friend or family you can receive a prize of 10.000 yen.


For change carrier, you must come with your yoyaku bango for the smooth processing procedure.

The cashback you will receive depend on the unit you choose.

AU Denki, credit card, internet banking, contents options is required.


Do you have 3 years visa or less than 3 years?

More than 26 months visa, 2 years loan for I Phone X is available, for those who have less than one year visa for new number zero yen is available.


iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPad is on hand.

If you have enough visa, you can buy beats for loan together with your cellular phone.


  • Alien card
  • Driver license or passport
  • Cash card, passbook and hanko
  • Electricity bill


Registration for credit card and internet banking need alien card and information of your company you are in.

Au denki application need electricity bill.

Please do not forget to back up your data

You can visit our facebook page : real media tokai au shop


Kusama Branch Address


Telephone number:0532-39-1660 or 070-2195-4371

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You are all welcome, Please visit us!!!

Aichi: Event at au shop Kusama
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