10 Tips To Become Productive

“Focus on being productive instead of being busy.”

-Timothy Ferris


For homemakers, especially mothers out there, getting things done is becoming merely impossible to accommodate and to attend since you start dealing with obligations with your kids. Becoming a parent can turn your heads and brains into mush. Here are some tips on how to become an efficient and productive person that really works!


Let’s start becoming productive by doing the things listed below:


1. Make daily planning time.

Use about 5 minutes of your time in the morning or the evening to make tasks and outline your plan for the day and get them accomplished.


2. Take care of quick tasks immediately.

If a task pops into their mind and it requires less than 5 minutes of their time, you must attend and respond to it right away.


3. Prioritize your To-Do-List.

Do not make a long list that is impossible to complete in 24 hours. Arrange your list according to its essentials.


4. Identify and utilize your productivity window.

Use 2-3 hours of the morning to tackle the most important tasks and save your tedious responsibilities for the afternoon.


5. Know when (and when not to) multitask.

Multitasking gets a bad blow, but for highly productive people they understand how it works. For example, listening to a career-related podcast while wiping down your kitchen counters, or when you’re brainstorming project ideas while going for your morning walk. And to differentiate multitasking and just being distracted. Hopping on Facebook every 10 minutes at work? Uh uh!


6. Use a planning tool that works for you lifestyle.

Diaries and schedule planners works! To-do-list notes with pen and papers! For high techies, tons of organizing apps are available on iTunes, such as Cozi, awesome note, evernote, 2do apps. At home, make a space for your calendar and posts. It is the most effective way to make your day, week, month more productive and well-planned.


7. Take a break.

Working from sunrise to sunset does not make a person productive. Regular breaks for things like food, water, and movement actually make people more effective and efficient.


8. Be realistic about how much time things take.

If you miscalculate how long a single errands takes, you’re inevitably going to get behind. Contrary, if you always overestimate how long tasks take, you’ll never be as efficient as you could be. Know to find that sweet spot where they can accurately estimate how much time something will take.


9. Be a perfectionist, but only when you have to.

If every single task, no matter how small, has to be completed without flaw or error, you will probably never finish anything. Endeavoring for perfection can be a help or a hindrance, depending on the possibilities, so save the nit-picky attitude for when they’re especially high.


10. Appreciate what did get done instead of stressing over what didn’t.

Being productive involves a good attitude, like most things in life. At the end of the day, looking at the bright side and choosing to see the accomplishments rather than the slip-ups makes you feel better, sleep better, and be better prepared to be productive again tomorrow.

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