Promo deal

410,000yen MAX CASHBACK, AUGUST 22 & 23 at au Shop Kenchoumae.(GIFU)

Next 22nd & 23rd of AUGUST, get at max ¥410,000 (GIFU)

Tagalog native staff and English speak staff are available

au Shop Kenchoumae.


1. For 1 iPhone6 from other companies

Get at max ¥ 70,000

2. For 2 iPhone6 or more, from other companies

Get at max ¥ 95,000

3. For 4 iPhone6, from other companies

Get at max ¥ 410,000

¥ 65.000 for each x 4= ¥ 260,000

¥30,000 for each x 4= ¥ 120,000

¥10,000 for each x 3= ¥30,000

Total= ¥ 410,000

And additional cashback promo:

Buy a router and get………..……¥ 10,000

Buy a ipad and get……….………¥ 10,000

Buy a phone for child and get..…¥ 10,000



・ Visit us and get free cold juice/drinks

・ Buy au Hikari or Commufa Hikari and get 6 can beer gifts(in the end of the contract)

・ We provide extra help in paying your taxi from JR Nishigifu station to au shop Kenchoumae. Taxi’s payment (¥ 2,000 ) will be payed just if you do a contract.

*Please call us to reserve taxi in pre-determined time(10:00 13:00 16:00)

Tel: 058-277-7277

・Finely, Like us in FACEBOOK and get a cup noodle for FREE!


〒500-8382 Gifu-ken Gifu-shi Yabutahigashi 1-1-4
From 10:00 to 19:00 (The shop remain open until 20:00, but we can receive new customers only until 19:00)



・Cashback varies from one situation to another depending on the type of transactions and requirements you have in hand.
・Need following documents: Zairyu card or gaikokujin tourokusho + passport or Japanese drive license
Bank cashcard or tsuchou + stamp (inkan) used in opening the account or credit card
・ To split the payment, depends on how:
・ Can register at max 2 iphones per person
・ If you have less than 2 years visa, can not get cash back, but can still buy using discounts.
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