5 Shops in Tokyo and Kanazawa You Should Never Miss

Venus Fort, Odaiba

Travelling to Tokyo and Kanazawa will now only take 2.5 hours after the new Shinkansen was officially launched last March 14, 2015. With that, anyone can flock from and to either of these historical places with ease. Of course, shopping is one activity that many people will not forget once they are in Tokyo or Kanazawa. So here are 5 shops in Tokyo and Kanazawa that you should never miss when in these cities.

In the Kanazawa area:

Omicho Ichiba Market


The Omicho Ichiba Market is one food market that you should not miss.  It is where you will find colourful fruits and of course exotic scents.

After indulging in gastronomic delights, take a hike through Starbucks and find clothes in fashion shops located near it.  The Kanazawa Hyakubangai Shopping Center is another must visit as it houses specialty stores selling souvenirs and locally made clothes and fashion accessories.

Kanazawa Hyakubangai Shopping Center

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In Tokyo, you should plan well as there are lots of must visit shopping destinations. However, if you are pressed for time, aside from Harajuku and Omotesando, here are three other must visit shopping places when you are in Tokyo.

Don Quijote, Roppongi


Venus Fort, Odaiba. Aside from the artificial sun, tourists can spend money on many fashion outlets, jewelry stores, and accessory kiosks inside this place.

Don Quijote, Roppoingi is a discount store with more than 150 branches spread all over Japan.  Here you will find low budget fashion accessories and clothes ready to mix and match for your street fashion sensibilities.

Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa is a famous tourist attraction.  This is an exclusive shopping area but with very affordable and of highest quality fashion items and merchandise.  You will also find household products and food staples which are definitely friendly to your pockets.

Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa


So, when you are ready to take the new bullet train route from Tokyo to Kanazawa or vice versa, do not forget your purse or wallet and have fun shopping at these places!

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