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AICHI: iPhone Promo!

May 25 ~ 26 (Sat & Sun)

au Shop mozo

2 days limited weekend huge event

☆ iPhone XR MNP Transfer mula sa ibang telecompanies para sa dalawang unit = ¥190,000 CASHBACK

☆ iPhone 8

  • UNIT PRICE = ¥0
  • CASHBACK = ¥90,000

☆ Galaxy S10 or S10 +

  • REDUCTION = ¥35,000
    (MNP – 1 UNIT)
  • REDUCTION = ¥50,000


Mangyaring tumawag sa aming tanggapan para sa mga impormasyon at detalye.

【Required documents】

More Info

I. For Permanent Residents

  1. Mode of payment – full payment or installment is applicable
  2. For contracts、「Driver’s License」or「Residence Card and Health Insurance (HOKEN) 」or「residence card and valid passport」is needed.
  3. To settle your monthly payment you must have your 「OWN Credit Card」 or 「Bank Cash Card」or「Bank Passbook and HANGKO」.
  4. To change the current unit to a new model, the current unit must have at least 6 months paid contract.
  5. Please bring the latest electricity monthly bill.

II. For Non-Permanent Residents

  1. Residence Card should be valid at least 90 days from the day of subscription、Can avail new contract and MNP transfer.
  2. The user must have at least 14 months visa from the day of subscription may avail new models with 12 months/1 year monthly installment contract. For those with at least 26 months remaining visa from the day of subscription may avail new models with 24 months/2 years monthly installmentcontract.

Contact Information:

au shop mozo wonder city

Address: Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-shi Nishi-ku Nakata-cho 40-454 4F au shop
Business hours: 10: 00 AM ~ 7: 00 PM
Phone number:  0800-700-0254 (052 – 508 – 5266)

AICHI: iPhone Promo!
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