ALDUB 101 for Those Who Don’t Know Yet


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Who in the universe of Pinoy pop culture hasn’t heard of ALDUB? Smile. This lovely piece of a newly created type of TV series, namely, “Kalye-serye” has taken the Filipino populace, from the most humble home, made of light, easily combustible material to the grandest mansion, from the neighborhood sari-sari store to the lushly cushioned confines of an executive office, from one television in the Philippines to almost all television sets of Pinoys around the globe – there’s something that really binds us all together to want to watch this show.

Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub

The root of where it all began comes from the amazing talent, and popularity of Maine Mendoza, who became a YouTube sensation and was readily and craftily fished out by the creators of Eat Bulaga, seeing how a treasure she is with how passionate she was on DubSmash, an app or site that lets you dub various song clips, videos, and more.  Taking that germ of an idea, the lovely Cinderella story of Yaya Dub was born.


So, what makes this “Kalye-serye” so popular?  At first glance, at first judgment – so to speak – it’s as if it seems so shallow and pedestrian to even survive the ratings game that noon time shows have dealt with ferociously throughout the years.  But, once you give it a chance, you’ll see how this becomes witty and how that underlying truth – the value of being loved, being saved, being recognized, being respected, just simply to belong – throbs at each episode and the humor reaches out to everyone.

This is a solid example of how humor can bring on that universal message of being human.  Even the exaggerated parody of its characters, namely, Lola Nidora, brings about how much we Pinoys value family and our elders.  Add in the music, the singled out pieces of famous movie one-liners, that only Maine Mendoza can effectively carry out, brings in the punch that every Pinoy can relate to.

So, just hang in there. Wait for the next episode on how Yaya Dub’s life will go twisting and turning.  It’s quite a fantastic ride to be in.

Watch the recent #ALDubEBTamangPanahon event held at the Philippine Arena:

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