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May 28-29 Special Campaign!

au-kamata-01For two days only 28-29 limited to 50 sets! For a maximum of 4 units get a total of 60,000 Yen Cashback!!

◎ For a purchase of Smartphone・Tablet・Data terminals we offer the following benefits: ♪

  • 2 units maximum of 15,000Yen Cashback! (5,000 Yen Gift Certificate)
    ※For 2 units New contract Kazoku-wari purchase⇒ get additional 10,000Yen Wallet Cashback
  • 3 units Total of 25,000Yen Cashback! (10,000Yen Gift Certificate
    ※For 3 units New contract Kazoku-wari purchase⇒ get additional 15,000Yen Wallet Cashback
  • 4 units Total of 30,000Yen Cashback! (15,000Yen Gift Certificate
    ※For 4 units New contract Kazoku-wari purchase⇒ get additional 15,000Yen Wallet Cashback
    ※In case of 4 units contract, 1 contract of Tablet is required

And there’s more!!! Better than what’s written above!

Additional 10,000yen for every contract of multiple MNP 

(Gift certificate 5,000 yen + wallet cash back 5,000 yen)
※only a gift certificate worth 5.000yen will be given in case of a single purchase.
In addition, there will be a raffle draw at the day of the event!

Everybody can participate if you come to our store!

What’s great is that there is no losers!

For the grand prize, we will provide a 1,000 Yen worth of JCB Gift Certificates.

Please feel free to participate!

au-kamata-03We also have campaigns for Tablet!

0 Yen for the Tablet!

And an additional 15,000Yen Cashback!

This campaign is limited to 50 monitor units so avail this as soon as possible.
au-kamata-02We have an English and Tagalog speaking staff available during the day of the campaign!

We are looking forward to your visit!
Business hours 10am-9pm(Last reception: 8pm)


Tokyo-to, Ota-ku, Nishikamata, 7-69-1Tokyu Plaza 7F

Free Dial: 0800-700-0558

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