The Best of Aichi: Health and Beauty

Hot springs or Onsen relaxation restores your skin, body and spirit for it has the capacity to balance and harmonize the body and mind naturally.


#1. Minami-Chita Hot Springs, Minamichita Town

A cluster of three spas at Utsumi, Yamaumi, and Toyohama. In a place also famous as a seaside resort, luxurious in outdoor spa pools and facilities with grand magestic views of the sea.



#2. Gamagori Hot Springs, Gamagori City



The major hot-spring village along Mikawa Bay is a collection of four spa areas: Miya, Gamagori, Katahara, and Nishiura. It has long been a favorite haunt of royalty and writers.


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#3. Thalassotheraphy, Gamagori City


At Laguna Gamagori you can enjoy one of Japan’s premiere thalassotherapy facilities in Thermes Marins de LAGUNA.  Feel the amplified natural healing power of the sea as you soak in the country’s largest thermal seawater jet-bath pool. At the same time, seawater improves the skin and promotes relaxation. Luxurious in the providence of the thermal seawater springs of Gamagori.




#4. Yuya Hot Spring, Shinshiro City

Spa inns thread through a narrow mountain valley. Follow in the footsteps of Tokugawa Ieyasu, who is associated with the temple and holy mountain of Horaiji, or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the riverside.



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