COCONUT OIL: Natural Beauty Product

Coconut oil gives a lot of health benefits that is proven by experts. It is an edible oil extracted from meat of mature coconuts harvested from palms. It is commonly used as food ingredients and as times goes by, it is now recommended as skin care product. Easy to use and provides best results for your skin.

  1. Hair conditioner – coconut oil works for damaged and dry hair. The fatty acids that can be found in this product can soften hair. Rub a small amount in hands and apply it to the hair roots to tips.
  2. Whitening toothpaste – from a recent study, it is confirmed that coconut oil can be used as an alternative for toothpaste. It kills bacteria that are present in the mouth and whitens the teeth.
  3. Make-up remover – it is the most effective product to cleanse out applied make up, especially eyeliners and mascara. It moisturizes and gives a healthier glow to the skin.
  4. Night cream – this might be a little greasy for people. It is the healthier way to promote hydration.
  5. Lip balm – coconut oil has the fatty acids that help skin hold onto moisture, so if you want that soft and smooth lips, use it for lip care.
  6. Cuticles – coconut oil is anti-fungal that is good for frazzled cuticles which also makes the nails stronger.
  7. Body scrub – mix coconut oil with sugar or salt, it is an amazing body scrub which exfoliates skin.

Instead of using products that contains a lot of chemicals that can damage skin, save your money without taking a risk!

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