Entire Train Station Kept Operating Just For One Passenger In Japan

This is a story of a train station in a remote area in Hokkaido, Japan that has only one passenger.


Kana Harada lives in Shirataki, a neighborhood with just 36 people. She takes the train every day to the closest high school for about 35 minutes away and she’s the only passenger who gets on.


I got on and off this train for the last three years and this station’s presence has become something I have taken for granted. I do feel sad to think it will disappear. ” Kana said.


According to a Facebook post by CCTV News, the Kami-Shirataki Station was scheduled to shut down three years ago but Japan Railway (JR) kept the train line open upon knowing that a student depends on it. The train station timetable was adjusted according to her schooling schedule. The student catches the 7:04 a.m. train to go to school and comes back at 5:08 p.m. She is the only commuter on the said train. The train is also off during school holidays. Kana will finish her high school this March and move to another city to attend college.

Local residents buil the station in 1955 to get kids to school. The station will continue the special service until March 26, Kana’s graduation, and close down for good after that. Harada is proud to be the last passenger of this train.

I remember  getting on the train at an important time in my development, I get very emotional about it. I am glad we had this station here. ” according to the train station manager.


This beautiful effort by Japan is quite an example for a country like India where it’s a struggle for girls to first attend, and then stay in schools. Japanese really know how to serve their people. This is a true example of heroic act.

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