Goal Setting for New Year 2016

goal setting for new year

It’s just December. And it’s the perfect time to plan the year just about to be born – 2016.

We always look forward to a new year. It’s another chance to improve, to build something or turn to a new path that we believe would be better, bring more meaning to one’s life. And to help you with that, here are some guidelines to set effective and achievable goal setting for the New Year 2016.

First, state your goal in a very positive way. This will also attract the positive energy and vibe to your goal. After that, state very specific goals. The more detailed they are, the more it becomes reachable, doable and concrete. It’s almost as if you’re already achieved it.

Prioritize now what would be most important in meeting those goals. Although you can have as many as you would like, having them in buckets of importance will help you take them step by step.

All the better to write them down in a journal. This would be like drawing up a map on where you are right now and where you’d like to be and how near you are in having it. Take care to focus on how you’re doing instead of how far you’ve come. Focusing on how well you have chiseled out the goal is better than counting the chiseled out parts. It brings focus on what you have rather than on what you don’t have just yet.

Keep them real. You can be lofty and ideal when wanting to aspire for values, for meaning – but for goals, keep them almost within reach and within our capacity. There’s no need to frustrate yourself in wanting to trap the sun in a bottle.

And lastly, always visualize that you have your goal. That you have attained it. And, surely, your path may be challenging, but that desire you’ve nurtured as early as December will keep you fired up for the whole year of 2016.

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