Gomi Hayakawa’s Feast: attractive bras for slighter frame

Cinderellas deserve Gomi Hayakawa’s Feast

feast-2nd-3Frustrated by the lack of attractive bras suitable for the slighter Japanese frame, Tama Art University student Gomi Hayakawa started a crowdsourced fundraiser last year to see if she wasn’t alone in wanting something different from the sporty or heavily padded options she was expected to settle for.

The response was extraordinary, with Hayakawa reaching well over her funding target, which allowed the young designer to fund a fashion show as well as a pajama line in addition to the original lingerie. The resulting brand, Feast, is designed to flatter what Hayakawa affectionately terms “Cinderella busts” with sizes spanning from AAA to A, and it has a very keen online following.

In a curious twist of fate, Hayakawa is now being besieged with requests to produce larger sizes of her exceptionally cute designs, and her swimwear line, which launched earlier this month is her first lineup to include sizes up to a C cup.



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