Good Housekeeping: Easy Way to Clean Window Tracks

Window tracks would probably the most annoying thing to clean around your house. Trust me, you can never do it perfectly easy the way you always want. However, internet is a massive place for resources! Thanks to you Mr. Google. So, if you want to deal with your window tracks quick, effortless and untroubled on your part, here are some tips!


Baking soda



Butter knife

Paper towel



#1. Smear baking soda on worst parts especially the corners.

#2. Pour vinegar over the applied baking soda. When it starts to bubble, you are doing the right thing. Leave it for 5-10 minutes.

#3. Work is done magically by the baking soda plus the vinegar, you may now start brushing it with the toothbrush. Throw away the gunk by putting it in a paper towel.

#4. Start cleaning up the tracks with a wet rag by scrubbing the whole area. Use a butter knife, covering it with the rag, to scrub the corners.

#5. Wipe the whole track for the last time, final touch for better results!

Obviously, the supermarkets and other home equipment stores sells a lot of housekeeping goods with different brands you could always trust just because you saw them in the TV commercials and other moms recommend you to use so. You don’t necessary need to buy brushes at the store that will just cost you a lot, an old toothbrush will always do. Always remember, some products have so much chemicals that can harm you and the children at home if not properly stored and kept. You can always always use alternative products such as mentioned above.

Window tracks could perhaps be one of the most things that can never done well. Give baking soda and vinegar magic a try!

Happy cleaning!

Source: Jennifer, The International Mom community

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