Good Housekeeping: Cleaning Your Glass-top Stove with 3 Ingredients

“If you clean a little bit every day you’ll have more time ti spend with friends and family.”

-Creatas, thinkstock


It is a basic rule that it is a priority to clean the kitchen among all other parts of your home. Primarily, keeping your kitchen clean is essential for numerous reasons. It is where you perform food preparation and food disposals. Bacteria will grow an multiply every second in your sink sponges, grease in kitchen item tops, trash overflowing in corners of your sink and trash bins, and so on. Does it really make you and your family comfortable? I hope not.


NOTE: Always keep your kitchen tidy.


In the modern days, glass-top stoves or electrical stoves are trendy. It is safe and harmless for you and the children, won’t cause fire, and easy to use. Sometimes, users tend to forget cleaning it after use. They just wipe it out with a wet rag and that’s it. If you do this, your cook top will remain filthy and stained with burned food.



Baking soda

Dish soap

Hydrogen peroxide

Scrub (sponge, rag, soft brush)

Fiber cloths


#1. Clean your stove by wiping it with wet rag. Eliminate excess dirt.

#2. Apply dish soap over your stove. Add baking soda. Then add hydrogen peroxide.

#3. Start scrubbing the surface. Leave it for few minutes before washing off. 3 minutes will do.

#4. Final touch, wipe it clean with fiber cloths. Dry.

You’ll be surprise how amazing and astonishing squeaky clean your cook top will become and look like!

Well, there will always be other famous branded products specifically used for glass cooktops, such as Weiman, Cerapol, Easy-off and so on. But this will cause you money and it is always ful of chemicals. Why not try alternatives that is already in your kitchen and storage? Baking soda is an all around cleaner!

Happy cleaning!

Source: Britni, Happy Momma Tales




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