Hot Towel: Perfect Facial Treatment

Fall is on its way, keeping your skin to its desired moisture is the struggle we experience during the cold season.You might want to bring out all your skin pampering necessities again. You can always keep your skin beaming and glowing without risking your time and money rushing to the spa and spoil yourself at home with a hot towel treatment.


The warmth and steam coming out from the towel is a perfect remedy for your skin. It makes your skin sterile and healthy.


Tip: Apply and combine essential oil or some beauty elements of your choice to your towel. 

Such as lavender, peppermint, or coconut. 


This additives will create a perfect treatment and aromatherapy for your skin and gives you greater result.


When skin pores are clear and open, it gives great access for your beauty products and formulas when you apply them on your skin. You can also use toner for deep cleansing, clay and mask for nourishing your skin.


The hot towel and by hot meaning as much as its comfortable for you, wrap it around your face and allow a small passage to your nose for comfortable breathing.


This treatment will give your skin the natural skin glow and beauty you always wanted. Simple isn’t it? To perform this treatment, it’s better to do it at night before going to bed. And “always” wash your face first with your foam or soap before applying the treatment and finish with a cream or moisturizer.



Stay young and healthy ladies!

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