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How Japanese Income Tax is Calculated Part 1

Japanese Income Tax

Ang buwis ang nagbibigay buhay sa isang bansa. Ito ang isa sa pinakamakapangyarihang sangkap ng isang lipunan upang  ating masabi kung ito’y tunay na maunlad o hindi. Sa bansang Japan, ang income tax must be annually paid by individuals who rightfully belong to the national, prefecture and municipal levels respectively.

This is calculated based on the net income of a given taxpayer. Prior to its calculation schemes, mahalagang malaman nating lahat na ito ay may individualized category. Basahin ang mga susunod na talata ng artikulong ito para sa karagdagang impormasyon.


Individualized Categories of Japanese Income Tax

Mayroong mga individualized categories ang income tax. Ito ay ang mga sumusunod:

  • Non Resident – Ito ay ang mga taong nakatira sa Japan for less than one year, and has no intent to reside in Japan for good. They are paying their income tax based from sources that are only Japan-based and not from other countries abroad.
  • Non-Permanent Resident – This particular category specifically pertains to a taxpayer who has been a resident of Japan for less than five years but does not intend to live in the said country permanently. They pay their taxes even from income coming from outside territories.


How Should Every Japanese Pay Income Tax?

Primarily, the income tax payment scheme in Japan is based on a self-assessment system. A particular taxpayer has the right to determine the actual tax amount by filing an income tax return. But, this has to be harmoniously be combined with his or her withholding tax. On the other hand, a withholding tax has a huge advantage because most employees in Japan no longer needs to file a tax return.

There are certain conditions that should be met when paying a tax return. Ito ay ang mga sumusunod:

  • If a taxpayer will leave Japan prior to culmination of a given tax year
  • If an employer does not withhold tax, most especially if their employer lives outside Japan
  • If they have more than one employer
  • If their annual income amounts to more than 20,000,000 yen

Paano lubusang mapapakinabangan ang mga income tax at iba pang mga buwis sa bansang Japan?

Basahin din ang ikalawang bahagi ng artikulong ito para sa kasagutan.


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