How To Organize Your Wardrobe

Women struggles in tidying up their wardrobe. Why? Because women loves shopping. They almost want to buy everything in a store. They have a lot of styles they store in their closet such as tops including halter tops, shirts, blouses, tanks, sleeves, bottoms including jeans, skirts, shorts, accessories, hats, bags and etc. Here are some tips on how to manage your closet which will help you save your space.

#1: Fold Clothes vertically.

Folding clothes vertically could make you see everything in one glance. It will give you more room for everything.

#2: Hung up clothes that look happier when hung up.

Choose pieces of garments that looks better when hung up in your closet. Including those garments you use in special occasions and formal events like coats, jackets, suits, dresses, gowns and uniform.

#3: Organize your closet to rise to the right.

This is a way of organizing the heaviest and longest clothing to the lightest and shortest pieces you have.

#4: Remove labels and packaging.

It has the personal feeling of officially owning everything you purchase once you started to cut off those tags from the items you bought.

#5: Utilize the shoe boxes.

Learn how to DIY. Recycling is a good thing. Keep the shoe boxes to store your little garments and accessories.

#6: Store bags in bags!

Instead of putting papers inside a bag to keep it in shape, simply put your smaller bags in larger ones.It is a great way to save space and also to keep it in shape. Just make sure not to overflow it.

#7: Keep everything in one place.

Just so to keep track on your stuffs, keep them in one place rather that scattered in different areas of a room.

Tidying up your closet is life changing. Clear spaces is always equals to clear minds.


Image Courtesy: Craig Sunter

Image Courtesy: Craig Sunter and

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