Japanese-Filipino Wedding with Leo and Kiyo on Video

japanese-filipino wedding

Marriages, most people say, are one of the most delightful and terrifyingly exciting paths that two people choose to travel on together. Sometimes, the differences can either repel or complement what life will be for the couple. Most of the time, the two separate souls will figure out a way that they do make each other more beautiful by being together.

We will be bringing out snippets, slices, glimpses into real life experiences of couples. And, we’ll be focusing on intermarriages especially the ones that magically bring together the Japanese and the Filipino. We’ll take a few moments, a few paragraphs to try to see how life is and how life can be and life will be when the cultures dance together.

What would be more endearing that to see how a wedding, particularly a Japanese-Filipino wedding, was being prepared? All the jitters in the world can only make the couple, Leo and Kiyo smile in a very endearing way.  Both are getting ready and both are shyly smiling at the cameras.  The people are also making sure that details are in place and every strand of hair on the bride’s and the groom’s mom was equally attended to in great detail.

Simplicity and graciousness can be seen in what the couple chose to have as a motif and also where and how they will celebrate their union. Even the bride’s father is seen chuckling along with some nervousness as he gets into, maybe his favorite suit to give away his daughter, Kiyo.

You can see for yourself how this very subtly exciting moment seem to have a bubbling energy waiting burst once the ceremony began. The YouTube video below says it all. Although, very brief, you can see that both cultures are trying to figure out how to make each other beautiful. And that’s such a wonderful thing to see.

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