Kitchen Tips for Housekeeping: How to Declutter the Cupboard

how to declutter cupboard

It’s a very rare occasion that someone doesn’t have a cupboard. It’s very hard to imagine that a human being doesn’t have a cabinet, a box, a drawer or drawers that are meant to store food or anything that you need to keep away since they aren’t used regularly.

Ever since the cavemen decided to have permanent dwellings, man has also become very passionate and also very attached to what he considers the treasure chest of things that enable him to survive on a daily basis.  Fast forward to today’s current pace. It’s very fast and the problem isn’t about scarcity of how and what you can use to store and prepare food with – but rather, figuring out which are the ones that are necessary to keep because you cannot do without them.

This is where the painful parting begins but the relief of having things organized and ready at your every cooking whim will be born. So here we offer kitchen tips for housekeeping, particularly when it comes to your cupboard.

How to Declutter the Cupboard

So how do you declutter the cupboard?

First, purge. Empty out all your cupboards and drawers and boxes and bring them all out onto the dining table or the kitchen counter.  Now, choose which ones are to keep, which are to give away and which are to throw out in the garbage. Don’t be afraid to let go because you’d know in your gut feel which bowl or ladle or knife you have been using almost every day and can never part from.

Group them up. Have all spoons, all forks, all knives together.  As much as you can, keep them as near to you if you use them more often.  For example, the fancy big bowls you can store farther up if you only use them for occasional gatherings.  While the medium sized bowls if you use them for mixing or serving almost every meal can stay at the shelf at arm’s reach.

This would also minimize any heavy lifting you have to do if the most frequented utensil or pan is the first one you can easily get to. Life becomes easier if you always think that less is more.

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