Limited Edition Coconut Ice Bar on FamilyMarts!

With Summer fast approaching and so is the people always looking for something new to quench their hunger and thirst while getting ready to jump in their summer outfits. Like how Selected FamilyMart convenience stores all over Japan decided to collide with the increasing popularity of coconut products in Japan.

11178206_505176539634115_786993865848538047_n Coconuts are well-known with foreign people who grew up in tropical countries but these days, some japanese people seems to be in liking with this product. From Coconut water juices, to coconut flavored cookies and desserts and now, presenting the “COCONUT ICE BAR” of Family Mart Convenience Store!

This popsicles with the taste of real coconut milk that is milky and creamy melted not only the hearts of brazilians and filipinos but also making hits in japanese locals too! Check out the FamilyMart stores near you for availability!

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