You Must Start Cleaning Your Make-up Puffs and Brushes!

“You cannot achieve good makeup, without good tools.”

-Francois Nars


Anywhere I go, I always see girls retouching and re-applying their makeup. And mostly, I see their brushes filthy and too used. I guess, these are the ladies who doesn’t know how to take a good care of their skin well. They just don’t care even it’s already building up dirt even for years. Ladies, always keep your brushes clean if you don’t want to ruin your skin.


NOTE: Wash and deep clean your makeup brushes and puffs at least once a week. This is necessary to stop the bacteria from growing in it. 


How to do it?



#1. Gather your brushes and puffs all together. When I say gather, meaning ALL OF THEM.

#2. Put a small amount of makeup brush and puff detergent or baby shampoos will do, in your hand.

#3. Gently rub one brush at a time. You can also use a make-up brush cleaner.


(Makeup brush cleaner)


#4. Rinse with warm water.

#5. Eliminate excess water by squeezing and lay in a dry, and clean towel.

#6. Simply dry by wiping the brushes and puffs one by one gently. You can also use hair blow dryers.



For detergent, I use S-Unique for Makeup Sponge and Puffs but you can always use baby shampoos either way!






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